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View Diary: Stopping Stupidity - Martin Bashir (16 comments)

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  •  Yes, Yes, Yes 100 times ... (10+ / 0-)

    It is time for progressives to fight back against lawlessness from the right. Just imagine if what goes on at Fox News was happening on any other network ...

    The disrespect for the commander in chief. They disrespect  the Military, their attempt to consistently and vehemently spread lies. The out Navy SEAL members and endanger their families, friends.

    Just see how the Abortion discussion has now shifted to the extreme right where people are now debating ... abortion in cases of rape or incest as the only alternatives? WTF ... the SCOTUS has decided long time ago that Abortion was legal.

    And today, Birtherism has now gone MAIN stream with Mitt Romney taking the plunge.

    We need to fight back. And I applaud Bashir, Soledad O'Brien and other media people stopping the lies spread on TV by Mitt Romney and his people.

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