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  •  This is to a point where a book shines... (0+ / 0-)

    ...while using the internet is a great way to get specific information (and yes as a college student I do it all the time) a book can help provide a lot of context and highly detailed information that the internet will generally summarize.

    I know based on the internet that the book I am slowly working though is about. But it was only from reading the book that I was able to not only get that information but a ton of other information I had not previously even considered. To that respect the summary done on the internet was inadequate to provide other contextual cues or open other avenues of though tangentially related to what the book was about and mentions.

    This is the main most problem I have with the elevation of the internet as the best research tool. It is so variable what best means, but general articles on the internet with their summary miss other contextual topics that help broaden the scope of the work.

    By the way, great article.

    •  Thanks! (0+ / 0-)

      I agree with your assessment. Everything in moderation, the internet included. It's definitely true that it can be difficult to verify the information you find on the internet, whereas a book has clearly already been vetted by someone, and whoever took the time to write it was obviously very invested in the subject. Context definitely matters, but it all depends on the subject at hand. I think, had I been more interested in the topic that was chosen for me (or perhaps, been allowed to choose myself), reading some sort of book would not have felt so daunting.

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