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View Diary: You may not be a fan of Playboy, but you gotta love what Hugh Hefner has written. (127 comments)

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    I think the problem that most intelligent, thinking people have with pornography is the state of the exploitation of women in a world where women aren't equal. There is always a man sitting at the top of this kind of empire as if he's a pimp. Larry Flynt included.

    The Heffs and Larrys of the world are privileged men who have the sexual freedom to be this kind of scoundrel, the kind that sits in a back alley wearing a trenchcoat; "I got some pretty ladies for you!". In this world, he's an enabler of the exploitation of women. In any world where women's bodies (and not men's) are this kind of exclusive commodity, things are pretty fucked up.

    BUT, there has always existed that woman who pushes the boundaries of the current state of womanhood and what's expected of women's sexual behaviors. She lets the rest of us off the hook and she enables us to push past our own personal sexual boundaries as women, even if she must take the exploitation route to do so. If she's naked, we can all raise the hems of our skirts, too. The bad part is that she must have the protection of this kind of pimp to do so.

    That speaks more to the state of feminism in which men are still the gatekeepers of her choices regardless of how free and willing she is to be naked. She still has to do it on HIS terms. She's gotta let Heff reduce her to a bunny so she can be free. How free is this woman if she must operate within those parameters to be free?

    At the same time, they NEED Heff and Larry. We all need them. These men have had to fight for 1st amendments rights, whether you agree with the content of what they publish or not.

    Now we must choose what kind of exploitation we'll accept. If it's the kind that forces us women to wear burquas, we'd find it preferable, in this fucked up world, to be exposed and naked. It's all we can do right now.

    "It's not enough to acknowledge privilege. You have to resist." -soothsayer

    by GenXangster on Sat Aug 25, 2012 at 05:21:55 AM PDT

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