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View Diary: Breaking: Neil Armstrong Has Passed Away (Updated X4) (186 comments)

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  •  A true inspiration (9+ / 0-)

    I was born long after the Eagle landed, but I always looked upon the Apollo missions as one of humanity's crowning achievements. The program was a testament to what we could do if we put our minds to it.

    Neil Armstrong is a pioneer like Marco Polo, Magellan, Lewis and Clark.

    It's funny to say that when you think about it, because he's just the most famous face in a crowd of hundreds that made the trip possible, but I think through Neil, we will remember everyone working at NASA and their affiliates who helped them accomplish the impossible.

    His spirit lives on in Curiosity, and I think one day, wherever he is, he'll get to look down and smile when his spiritual successor steps out onto the Red Planet in the hopefully-not-too-distant future.

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