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    I was 18.
    At 18, back then, one didn't watch the news… Viet Nam casualties. (how they've managed to stop that kind of coverage will be written about in history, SOMEDAY) Draft able, etc.
    Everyone hated NIXON, and that he was basking in JFK's achievement.
    Total coincidence. One of the things bored teenagers did in my large tourist town was go to the airport & hang out.
    A couple friends & I had been at the airport about ten minutes, walking down this large corridor & over the loudspeaker, "The Eagle has landed on the moon. The Eagle is now on the moon."
    I will remember that moment as clear as a bell.
    A smattering of applause. We applauded also and then the laughter started. We did all sorts of scenerarios, finally talking the less effable of us to approach the ticket counter, (Oh, you'll get a ticket to the moon…) us giggling in the background. Younger dude agent "Come back in a few years… :)"
    Panic, debate "Are we going to miss the moonwalk?"
    Postscript: That we are still controlled by the oil industry, the weapons makers & now the 1%. These few years have been way too LONG!
    It gags me when one of those rich 1%ers rides into space.  Like who's gonna keep track of the candy wrappers, soda bottles & junk? Gags me to see Nixon's name with the astronauts. It was JFK's & couldn't be stopped. Kennedy's name should be there & is in my mind.
    Space also only belongs to them. Bye, bye open source NASA…
    Luckily we had the coolest in Neil Armstrong to nail it in history "One small step…"
    Thank You. I hope this post isn't too much of a bitch, but really dismantling NASA, no way! NO WARS!

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