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  •  My wife is your husband in attitudes toward stuff (14+ / 0-)

    She just can't part with anything unless she is sure it is going to be used by someone else.  (and to make it harder, she wants her friends to have first crack, even though they're mostly deeply uninterested in having more stuff)

    And she wants to keep things because they might be useful someday.

    I am much more of a "decluttering = getting rid of things" person in the most expedient possible way.   8 boxes of books?  Find the closest local charity that takes unsorted books, and give em away.   She's more "sort them into genre, lablel the boxes and try to give them away to friends first, plus get the really old ones to Project Gutenberg. "  The boxes sit in a back room, two years after the sorting.   And the books in the "re-read pile" have had many re-read, but they're unsorted again and we'll have to go through it all over again to filter out the once she intends to keep.

    But that is who she is, and she isn't gonna change.  If I survive her, enough of her will probably have rubbed off on me that I'll be doing a lot of what you're doing with some of her things.   Trying to use what is usable, keep what is sentimental (to ME...that's my guideline on that...if I don't know why we have something, it is given away or recycled, period).    Then find the most expedient way to get rid of the rest, with priority being charity first, recycle second, dump a last resort.

    If she survives me...I think she'll have a harder time of it.  Things I kept around and unfinished projects will probably stay in the house regardless of whether she cares about it, has a need for it or has an idea of a future home for it until she decides to move to a smaller place, and even then it will be wrenching.

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