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    we are not our stuff. It'll be OK what you keep and what you give away. In the end, you'll have your sons. You'll have your memories. What else matters?
    Lorikeet, you have a lot of time, which will make this easier in some ways and harder in others. What you're doing now is just a first pass. Almost surely when you've gone through everything, you'll look around you and wonder why you kept that! And that and that and that.

    My husband and I both find it pretty easy to get rid of stuff, but me a little moreso. Our parents are all gone, so we get rid of more than we accumulate at this point. Still, I look around and see that half of what we own could disappear and I wouldn't miss it...

    Your beautiful writing... I hope you will share more with us.

    Hugs and warm thoughts for you today and every day.

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