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      In my state we call tenure "professional status" and comes with certain procedural protections. Those young teachers, or teachers new to the system have no protection at all for the first three years of their employment (professional status is not portable, if that can be believed).
       I watched one young teacher who had come into our system with some good experience and who had become a leader in a short time get railroaded out of school by his boss (and evaluator) for reasons unknown to everyone. My union could do nothing to help him out. He got a new job in a very short time because of his talent, work ethic and obvious competence.
       The lack of portability of status makes my state a very static place. I once interviewed for a position in a neighboring town and was offered the job (I had 20 years experience at the time). I asked for professional status to be conferred the day I showed up for work. After a little hemming and hawing on the part of the administrator I declined the offer. The administrator said "Why would I bring you here if I didn't want to keep you around?"
       I told him he may not be around for the three years it would take me to regain professional status. He was gone a year later.

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