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  •  Absolutely, I've eaten a few my dog got (1+ / 0-)
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    Canada Geese vary in size from the little cacklers (4 lbs +/-) to the giganta strain (12 lbs. +).  Depending on what breed your dog is, you might be surprised by what it will do.  Retrieving those sparrows is a good sign.  My german short hair (45 lbs) has no problem with any bird, including geese and wild turkey.  

    •  He's 25 pounds or so. A Bichon mix (with a (2+ / 0-)
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      salmo, annetteboardman

      schnauzer?).  He was relieved of the first sparrow before it died (it did a short while later) but yesterday I came home to find what was left of one scattered on my Turkish carpet.  A leg here, feathers there, clump of more feathers there - uncertain what that piece is.  Fortunately I didn't see any innards left staining the carpet.  I don't feed the birds at my feeders only to entice them into his range, but he's new and doesn't realize that I like to watch live birds.

      Last night he was barking away and I finally went out to see what got him excited.  He had started to come back to the house but when I asked him what he was barking at he went over to the fence and showed me a hole underneath it.  Not sure just what was doing the digging, but he was being a very good watchdog.  I am concerned that one of these days he'll tangle with a racoon or skunk in the yard, and that could be messy.

      •  Bichon are beautiful dogs (1+ / 0-)
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        A brother-in-law had one.  She was just right for them; a lovely spunky little dog.  It's the French version of a terrier, and of course, the Schnauzer is also one of the larger terriers.  Don't worry too much about him, terriers are tough.  

        I've never had a problem with my dogs around the house raccoons, but she killed a raccoon in the field once.  I was right there because we were pheasant hunting in North Dakota and I thought she was working birds.  They recognized each other as mortal enemies in a fraction of a second, and then they became a brown blur.  Blood and fluids flew for less than a couple of seconds, and it stopped with Kelly holding the dead 'coon by the neck and giving it a couple of good shakes just to make sure.  It was a good sized boar, only slightly smaller than my dog.  German short hairs are very strong and very fast.  They operate on an instinctual level, each needing no thought to attack.  And they operate at a clock speed that you and I can't even see, let alone match.  

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