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View Diary: Fearing Superman - Sponsored by Batman, Incorporated (64 comments)

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  •  These characters are constantly being reinvented (0+ / 0-)

    and reimagined, so I don't think its proper to draw one conclusion.  Different writers emphasize different parts of batman - some even exploring the toll his brand of justice takes on the criminals and city he protects.

    I think many Batman movies and comics, including the The Dark Knight, wonder aloud whether there would be a Joker, Scarecrow or Two-Face if not for Batman. That his vigilantism creates even an insanely more dangerous type of criminal.  

    The characters are different so they represent two different challenges.  Superman is all powerful - the only way to create drama is to test his moral code.  That is why there are so many "evil" Superman, because the true test of his power, is restraint.  

    Batman on the other hand, is like you described, a self made man (although even he is born into wealth).  He is someone who has developed a strict moral code.  He is allowed to have that moral code in the comics b/c he is never in a position to implement it.  

    I think an interesting juxtaposition of the characters Batman - Superman and Lex Luthor takes place in Superman Red Son.  If you're a comic fan and haven't read it, you should check it out.  Another evil Superman story, but in it we have a fascist-communist Superman vs. a capitalist Luthor and an anarchist Batman.  

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