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View Diary: Chris Matthews to GOP chairman: Romney playing race card with birther joke, welfare attack (294 comments)

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  •  Chris Matthews gets on my nerves (12+ / 0-)

    often when he interrupts his guests, so I only watch him occasionally.  However, Reince deserved every interruption that Chris threw at him because he was trying desparately to wiggle out.  As soon as Romney jumps on a stage he immediately has his pander radar out and says anything he thinks will please that particular crowd. Must has been a big Tea Party group the day he made his so called "Joke" about the birth certificate.  He's not an awkward joker. He's just plain nasty and calculating.

    And what in the world is going on with this usage of "European" as a put down adjective?  You know, the GOP did the same thing with the word "liberal". Made it into a dirty word. And liberals let them get away with it for too long.  So kudos also to Chris for questioning that.

    How in the world is Romney going to work with European leaders after he and his party used that adjective every chance they got in a campaign?  Mitch McConnell came to KY and hit dozens of hospitals with his anti-Obama Care statements. He also used the imagery of all of this being "European".

    Someone should make a list of the areas where European countries are whipping our butts and send it to Mr. Priebus.

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