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View Diary: Aaaaaaand now Mitt Romney likes birth control and abortion again (140 comments)

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  •  This waffling behavior might actually help him. (0+ / 0-)

    We have two lines of attack at Romney possible:

    1) That the Republican Party is so batshit crazy and hates women and Romney panders to them.  And...

    2) Mitt Romney waffles all the time so he doesn't mean all the things he says.

    (2) counteracts (1).  It may make some people feel less afraid of Romney.  And I'll confess, though I don't want Romney, it actually offers even ME relief to know that he's probably bullshitting them.

    So which is it -- is he a woman-hating hardliner, or is he trying to finesse his way to the Whitehouse by pandering to the right?

    We're not obligated to choose one argument or the other, but it might help.  Come October, we can't really run 30 second ads making both arguments.

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