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  •  Take this out of context (4.00)
    and it's actually a pretty good rallying cry:
    We will not repeat the mistakes of other generations, appeasing or excusing tyranny, and sacrificing freedom in the vain pursuit of stability.
    The tyranny, of course, is that of the neocons and theocrats, who we must not appease. We must not repeat the mistakes made by the German people in the 1930's.

    . . . solutions emerge from [our] judicious study of discernible reality.

    by realitybased on Sat May 07, 2005 at 11:24:47 PM PDT

    •  Historical context (4.00)
      is indeed crucially missing from Dumbya's argument.  

      Without context, the same argument could be made for the founding of our own country:  If only the Founding Fathers would have taken care of the tyranny of slavery at the end of the Revolutionary War, rather than "vainly" pursuing the stability affored us by creating the Constitution,  we would have avoided the Civil War in the next century.

      Speaking of the Civil War, W also reminds us that "Democracies don't fight each other, and Democracies are good neighbors."  Well, I guess I see his point, but wasn't the American Civil War the single bloodiest war ever fought by humans up until WW1?  

    •  brilliant! (none)
      it's a great rallying cry, it's a great thing to throw in shrubya's face, it's a great LTE, it's the basis for a great open letter to neocon goons.

      as someone mentioned above, if freedom is so great and stability so marginal, please explain the patriot act.  

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