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  •  not to mention Churchill- lets wag the dog too (none)
    The war supporters used to like to idolize Winston Churchill, after all, he was no appeaser, like Chamberlin, and us folks against invading Iraq, you know. Now, he and FDR turned traitors to freedom. The insufferable little twit Bush, I am sorry, but he is not incompetent, this is a case of wag the dog. Where might be media chime in about sagging poll numbers in the US and his Social Security "plan" on life support? Wag the dog? And, slime the folks who saved the world from the Master Race in the process. Historical revisisionism anyone?
    •  Neocons and Churchill (none)
      It is not just his ardent anti-Nazism that made Churchill a hero for neocons.  The fact that he was a staunch supporter of Zionism and an unabashed imperialist also play an important role...

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