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  •  At the time of the Yalta conference in Feb. '45 (none)
    the Brits and Americans were still west of the formidable Rhine river.  An attempt to get into Germany by going around the Rhine had failed miserably in Sept. '44 (the paratroop assault into Holland). The agreement at Yalta gave the west occupation rights to what became West Germany.  In the absence of such an agreement it appeared quite possible in Feb. '45 that the Soviets would end up occupying a large portion of western Germany before the British and American did.  

    As it was, the Soviets we bound by the Yalta agreements to turn over the occupation of West Berlin to the US/Britain and France after the Soviets had suffered huge causulties in taking the city.

    ownership society - you are on your own

    by Sam I Am on Sun May 08, 2005 at 08:53:29 AM PDT

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