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View Diary: Rachel Maddow: Romney Needs 61% Of White Vote and Sees the Race Card as Only Path to Get There. (101 comments)

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    from the GOP, along with a very sophisticated propaganda arm, that plays to the resentments of these people. its been so successful that its grown beyond the GOP's ability to control. this group of voters does not see any Democrat as a legitimate office holder, and certainly not somebody that looks like Obama. they can't abide any of their leaders treating him any other way.

    so they work up an image of him that suits their fears, and demand that all current GOP leaders feed these images. you say Obama's policies poll well among these voters. that's when their asked to think about policy. when they are asked to think about individual leaders they see what they want to see.

    i had the misfortune of being stuck next to a table with two of these people during lunch in a small diner in North East Pennsylvania. very nice retirement age white guys, who made nice jokes about our kids when they were playing mad libs. then they returned to their conversation, which turned to the election pretty quick. it was like we were visting a different planet. their heads were so filled with conspiracy and falsehoods and pure abject fear that I could barely stand it. but they were completly convinced in their version of reality, and were only concerned about whether or not "Obamies ignorant bunch" could see past his propaganda and realize the truth in time.

    on the bright side, the GOP leadership knows that this bunch will be the death of the party soon. they need to break with the idea of being the party of ignorance or their finished. but for now, they need these people, and since they are so willing to be used they will gladly tell them whatever they want to hear if it will help the Party pick their pockets. i am becoming increasingly hopeful that they'll all be sent a message in this election that will put an end to this crap for a long time.

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