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  •  Dems rock at job creation... (0+ / 0-)

    "I'm sick and tired of these assholes claiming that job creation is down under President Obama. Do they not remember that for the first year of his term the economy was in free fall? Since then, we've created millions of jobs. In fact, the economy has added more private sector jobs than it has lost, even if you start the clock the moment President Obama took office. George W. Bush cannot make that claim."

    Dems rock at job creation.  GOP stinks at it.  Eisenhower inherited 2.4% unemployment, and I guess he "built it" to 6.6%

    Kennedy halved unemployment, Nixon doubled it to 7.5%.  True Carter didn't reduce it, but he didn't raise it either.  Despite the vaunted monster economy, twelve years of Reagan and Bush barely touched unemployment from the Carter era, down only to 7.3%.

    Bill Clinton kicked it, brought it down to near 4%, JFK-era numbers.  He also balanced the budget.

    8 more Bush years brought us to nearly 8%, despite the monster tax holiday to test trickle down.  Fail!  And as you put it, left us with an economy in free fall.  

    By those standards, the present 8.3% is a triumph.

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