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View Diary: UPDATEX2! Ohio SOS Husted Just Fired Dem Election Board Members for Allowing Weekend Voting (123 comments)

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  •  I believe that you wouldn't have (0+ / 0-)

    But honestly, I think you're denying the obvious. If two Republicans had voted to go against one of Brunner's directives, some Kossacks would have been outraged regardless of whether the vote was symbolic. Why not? After all, yelling "You lie!" at the president during his SOTU address was only symbolic.

    And no, for pity's sake, I'm not saying that voting for weekend voting hours is just like yelling "You lie!" at the president. I'm saying that it isn't axiomatic that symbolic actions get a pass, or even that they should. (Joe Wilson was censured, a symbolic response to a symbolic act.)

    In this instance, two members of the board voted on one side, and two members voted on the other side. Obviously Husted wasn't going to fire all four of them. And obviously he didn't have to fire any of them.

    You can't possibly be saying that because someone was Bob Taft's chief of staff he has credibility, can you?
    No, and I can't figure out how you would find that in my words.

    My point was that having an administrative hearing officer rule that these two members should be fired isn't as impressive as it might seem, given who he was. Still, on facts presented here, it is an open question whether he was wrong on the merits.

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