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  •  FarrisValyn: I hope to attract...... (0+ / 0-)

    ... the attention of investors. Then the paper I'm writing morphs into the technical portion of a space-related business plan.

    Of course, if the feds want to do it, then by all means...

    The reason that I can't start incrementally (small then work my way up) is because I need to be able to launch 14,742 kg immediately. The Dragon can only do 6,000 kg. The White Knight is even less.

    We hope to develop a LEO station, a lunar orbit station, a lunar base, and all the assorted vehicles needed. We cannot do these things 6 tonnes or less at a time. Like I said earlier, the original requirement had called for 29,484 kg!

    We hope to extract a commodity on the moon that currently has a value of about $5,000 USD per carat. We can show that we can bring back over 13,000 kg on our first trip alone (that's over $325B USD). We hope to bring back a steady amount, which of course, will make the price eventually drop. We estimate it will settle to around $70 per carat, or about the price of gold. So for the same 13,000 kg per year, that's $3.5B USD per year. Doubling, or even tripling that would be no problemo.

    I'm being intentionally vague, because I wanted to first build our credibility with this diary series. Once we do that, then our idea may not sound so crazy.

    All that hardware in space is also needed because of the other revenue streams that will open up as well, such as the satellite launching business. We would launch sats piecemeal, then assemble it in LEO, and place it in its proper orbit (all the way to GEO).

    Space tourism comes into play as well, in that we can sell half the Skylon seats to millionaire passengers for a week in space.

    Again, none of this is possible unless I can have a fairly heavy lift capability. I wish I could get 29,484 kg, but I'll settle for 14,742 kg. Anything less, and our plan crumbles.

    Reuse and commonality are the keys to a robust and profitable space program.

    by The NM STAR Group on Fri Sep 14, 2012 at 04:11:58 PM PDT

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