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    Yesterday there was a second full moon in August shining down on the Gulf where the GOP convention was being held while tropical storm Issac crossed to hit New Orleans again as a hurricane on the same day as Katrina 7 years ago.  I remember Amy Goodman from Democracy Now with a crew in New Orleans spotting a Blackwater team breaking down a door and asking them if they were Blackwater.  They put their hand over her camera.  They are who Bush sent in.  Not the military.  Not a rescue operation.  Later after criticism of Bush some Republicans in Congress convened a committee to investigate.  The New Orleans people demanded the committee count the bodies to see how many had been shot with military bullets.  That would have been Blackwater.  The committee was shocked and canceled their group.  I watched the GOP convention because Rachel Maddow was there.  It was the usual semi-religious pep talk. Rachel said few Democrats have been registered to vote in Florida while many Republicans have registered.  I think 2000 and how Bush got it.  Then the GOP platform went up on the computer.  Bushco on steroids and especially the culture wars.   Was the cosmos trying to highlight something yesterday about where we are headed and how little we have learned?  Thanks for your diary GreenMother.  I always enjoy what you write.  Kinda of wish you lived near me.

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