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View Diary: Republican Gov. Brownback admits Romney welfare ads are false (84 comments)

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  •  I am not troubled by what you said (0+ / 0-)

    I agree with it.  But one of the facts that does matter, is that historically and as of today, this country's political system has been dominated by a binary choice.  While not actually written into the Constitution, virtually immediately, political parties formed, were granted power under the state laws to run elections locally, given special privileges to naming candidates to ballots etc.   We have lived with a two party system ever since.

    Given the fact of increasing polarity and partisanship, bought and paid for by those who would benefit from sophisticated propaganda machines (professional liars), we have reached a point where I fear any current structural attempts to rework the system will result in some sort of neo-fascist, theocratic state and not a better and more egalitarian pluralistic state.

    Again,  science is starting to reveal some things about the brain to us.   The evolutionary recent changes to the brain, the rational, fact based parts of the brain, unfortunately don't control decision making.   The emotional parts of the brain do.  So lies and propaganda which key into emotional responses, win favor before the brain ever starts thinking.  We can be trained to stop, think, examine ideas, theories, etc.,  but the emotional center can't be ignored.

    So all the atavistic, primitive, brutish parts of the human brain aren't going to go away or stop influencing our politics, society or behavior any time soon.   That doesn't mean that we don't have real choices to make, even though all of those choices are less than perfect.

    What we can do is act in ways not limited to politics to influence people into thinking more and emoting less, we can work to make facts matter, to make positive emotional responses, sharing, helping, etc. to win over greed and hate.   Someone the other day posted a quote from Lyndon Johnson when someone used the n-word, that he was going to wipe that word out of use in decent society.  We need to carry on, to move that one goal into an array of goals, to wipe out all expressions of "I got mine" "I built that" etc. out of our society and politics.  There is no "I" just "US", and that us includes the whole damn world and every living thing in it.   When we get there, we can tell the truth without being scared.

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