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View Diary: The MSNBC Crew of Justice Takes Down Scott Walker on Live TV! (122 comments)

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    OleHippieChick, Ephitall

    What kind of mealy-mouthed locution is that: "Paul Ryan appeared to suggest . . ." No, the fucker outright LIED, dammit. Every last person in the hall and watching on teevee got the point Ryan was making. There was no appearance of a suggestion. It was a LIE, you dimbulbs at the Post.

    But of course it won't be a fully-realized media event until a few weeks down the road, when the Post wonders where in the world voters ever could have gotten the idea that President Obama is responsible for the closing of an auto plant in Janesville a full year before he was inaugurated. It will puzzle the brilliant minds at the Post until their puzzlers are sore. But, since the idea is "out there," they will have no choice but to report it straight, and perhaps conclude, in their most charitable moments, that reasonable people can disagree on whether Obama was president before he was president, and had the power somehow to dictate to companies which plants the company would close and keep open.

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