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View Diary: Paul Ryan again blames Obama for GM plant shut down under Bush. Video archives correct the record. (113 comments)

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  •  This isn't Rocket Science (2+ / 0-)
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       And I'm surprised that no else here has put together a timeline.
         Candidate Obama did visit Janesville, WI - 2/13/2008.
          Then the plant closed (12/08), Lehman went into bankruptcy (9/08), TARP was designed / passed (10/08), Autobail-outs were started Dec, 2008.   GWB addressed the Economic Instability problem 10/10/08 (yes there's a u-tube).

            One can twist facts all they want, but when some lies about how a series of events occurred, I wouldn't vote for them, if only because it displays a lack of knowledge about a tool, that most of us call a calendar.

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