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View Diary: "No Excuses" and the Culture of Shame: Why Metrics Don't Matter (10 comments)

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  •  Lots here but (0+ / 0-)

    In general, I have trouble following what you are trying to offer  or possibly argue...but you have offered a really complex and accurate framing of why there is a problem...

    Corporate/bureaucratic control of schools and reform are horrible and off-base, but dominantly how schools have been and are run...badly

    I get lost in your comment regarding claims about educators reporting this or that to the public...I fear you are blurring educrats (administrators, politicians) with educators...Teachers and scholars don't report anything

    That said, there is NO achievement gap...the test score "gaps" are reflections of the equity gap, but schools are primarily causing them...

    With that said, as both an educator and scholar, I argue constantly that we need BOTH social and educational reform that addresses the huge inequity in both...

    And of course schools should be safe, but the "no excuses" model and the zero tolerance model are NOT valid or necessary alternatives to "unsafe schools"...especially since we allow such harsh environments ONLY with (as I note) "other people's children"

    I genuinely appreciate your offers very solid nuance to the bigger problems

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