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View Diary: How bad is it? GOP consultant on Romney “We should be pressing the panic button” (233 comments)

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  •  Depending on changing demographics to win (0+ / 0-)

    is a pipe dream, I think.  As a short-term strategy, sure.  As a long-term strategy, maybe not.

    Why?  Because as the demographics will change, the Republicans WILL CHANGE.  It's a guaranteed.  The Republicans today aren't the same as the Republicans of 2000.  The Republicans of 2000 are not the Republicans of 1980.  1980 Republicans not like 1960 Republicans...  

    When the Latino demographic is necessary to a win, they'll find some attractive Latino candidates.  You might notice they already have some.  They are in the shadows, right now, during these insane years of Brewer and Arpaio.  But they'll rise to the top when it's needed.  

    And Brewer and Arpaio, will they suffer from this?  Maybe.  But I remember the post-1968 George Wallace who reinvented himself successfully as a Southerner that had changed with the times and was able to reach out and get a significant (but small) part of the black Alabama vote.  If he could do that, then Brewer and Arpaio and other lunatic teabaggers could do the same.

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