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View Diary: The biggest of all Paul Ryan's big lies (116 comments)

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  •  Not to mention that the damage which all of his (0+ / 0-)

    other lies might cause, when weighed against the Value of our Currency and power to Borrow (at low rates), is minor ---

    which I do not say lightly. But imagine, if you will, a moment in time when the US Govt turns to the Open Market to Borrow to meet national obligations (like sending out SS checks to Tens of Millions of retired seniors each month...) and gets a big fat: No, we can't help you

    The fallout from that scenario could quite literally, tear the country apart.

    I think you choose wisely and well.

    "Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.''
    -- SCOTUS Justice O.W. Holmes Jr
    "I like paying taxes...with them, I buy Civilization"
    -- Angie in WA State

    by Angie in WA State on Thu Aug 30, 2012 at 11:09:59 AM PDT

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