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View Diary: Are you a journalist? Politico leads the crop of post-Ryan reporting failures (159 comments)

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  •  Oh, I had this conversation just this morning (16+ / 0-)

    about Condi Rice's speech:

    FRIEND: "I thought she gave a great speech last night. I know you don't like her, but she's really very smart and more moderate than a lot of other Republicans."

    ME: "You know, I just can't ever get passed her role in the Iraq War and in ignoring the warnings on 9/11."

    FRIEND: "The Iraq War wasn't her fault. It was Cheney and Rumsfeld. She didn't know."

    ME: "Either she knew, or she was the most incompetent National Security Advisor of all time. It was her job to know."

    FRIEND: "But that's not the same as making it her fault."

    ME: "Yes, it is."

    In other words, Condi just "made mistakes."  She didn't actually participate in a massive fraud.

    I finally told my friend (who knows Condi personally, which is probably part of why she defends her) that I understood that she thought highly of Condi, but that we were going to have to agree to disagree.

    •  Oh, I forgot to add the rest of the story (17+ / 0-)

      She also told me that she had it on good authority that Reince Preibus was UNAWARE of the fact that the Janesville GM plant was closed in 2008 until the MSNBC people jumped all over him for it.  I said that was impossible, because I knew it, and so did I lot of other people, because it's been in the newspapers.  

      "Yes," she said.  "It's almost worse than lying, it's incompetence."

      No, the lying is worse, but at a certain point incompetence is lying.  And the Republicans passed that point a long time ago.

    •  Give Condi credit... (0+ / 0-)

      You've got to give Condiliar credit:  she did know how to shop for shoes, especially domanatrix boots.  

      Just because she couldn't remember that Dubya wasn't her husband, couldn't imagine that anyone would fly a plane into a building and couldn't recall the name of that inconsequential report from August 2001, well those things could happen to anyone, especially anyone who had so many other important things on which to focus.  

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