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View Diary: Defeat the Medicare Lie Easily...with Groceries! (187 comments)

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    Creosote, Chi, life is making tacos

    Two friends run into each other in the produce section. Both are buying lettuce. One notes how the cost of lettuce just keeps going up and up. The other compares it to the price of health care and starts ranting about Obama. The first cuts the second off, while pulling a coupon for lettuce out of his/her pocket and starts using the groceries explanation. The image transitions into a skit in which the second person shops with a coupon while the first is explaining how the process works, after which the image transitions back to the produce section. The second person brings up the Ryan plan, as the first person continues the analogy, cut between the second person and scenes of the Cayman islands yacht, Swiss banks, and car elevators.

    (Now I go off track--the rest is useless, but I can't resist.)

    Two Cadillacs full of groceries pull up to a pair of car elevators. A uniformed elevator attendant presses a button for each car and then bows respectfully at the cars as they drive into their private transports, showing us a glimpse of their license plates numbers: "1%".  After the doors close, the attendant turns to polish the button plate with a crisp, white cloth from his pocket. As he turns, we see emblazoned on the back of his uniform "99%".

    It is ignorance which is hopeless.

    by IdeaTipper on Mon Sep 03, 2012 at 02:03:12 AM PDT

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