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View Diary: GOP writes off 12% of Americans (56 comments)

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  •  Not accurate, Bush got ~12% of AAs in 2004. (0+ / 0-)

    There's a lot of liberal smugness on the polls on black support right now, but we can't necessarily bank on Obama levels of black support in 2016 - both in terms of percentages and turnout.  I'm actively worried about this - a lot of black voters are increasingly aware that Dems haven't done much for blacks in a while, and while they have Obama's back, I can see there be a push to demand more from the next Democratic candidate for president.  A likable Republican candidate that doesn't seem afraid of or awkward around black people (like Chris Christie or Mike Huckabee - and I'm talking demeanor, not policies here) could easily grab 12-15% of the black vote.  Yeah, that's still low, but it's still a big swing from the 95% that Obama will probably get-- a swing that could be a big deal in Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

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