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View Diary: Vanity Fair writer's BRUTAL takedown of the GOP: "They must be stopped" (256 comments)

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    What an absolutely excellent piece of writing.  Future historians can look at this single essay to understand what it wrong with the GOP in 2012.

    The one I would rank highest, and the first sentence exactly mirrors what I have been thinking.

    III. They are economic arsonists.
    As someone who has spent much of my career reporting on business, finance and other money matters, I have had a lot of trouble in recent years figuring out if the GOP really is as ignorant of basic economics as their words make them out to be, or if they are intentionally willing to upend the American economy for their own interests.
    I think it is the former.  With the advent of Reagan and his voodoo economics, Republicans who grew up loving Reagan drank that Koolaide.  Reagan's own administration didn't believe that trickle-down junk, but today's Republicans delude themselves into thinking it's real policy because Saint Reagan blessed it.

    I think they are more likely to change their beliefs about allowing same-sex marriages than they are to let go of their absolutely ignorant beliefs about economics and fiscal policy.  A return to the Gold standard anyone? Sheesh.

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