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View Diary: Assange Just Wants To Clear His Name In Sweden! (24 comments)

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  •  "unambiguous" (0+ / 0-)

    then show a precedent in the UK.

    You can't.

    And you won't.

    There is NO precedent in UK history for a "crime" like those claimed here.

    None. Zero. Nada. Ever, in the history of the world.

    That is why the bald, baseless assertions of "two British courts" look like the ridiculous, biased stitch-ups that they are.

    As always, you are a despicable, disgusting person.

    •  My god, do you need cliffs notes on this one? (0+ / 0-)


      As an elected or appointed official, the prosecutor is the most powerful official in the criminal justice system. Prosecutors exercise unfettered discretion, deciding who to charge with a crime, what charges to file, when to drop the charges, whether or not to plea bargain, and how to allocate prosecutorial resources. In jurisdictions where the death penalty is in force, the prosecutor literally decides who should live and who should die by virtue of the charging decision.
      It is the job of the prosecutor's office to file charges.  That's what the office is there for.  

      And I already showed  you the law in the UK, which is 100% unambiguous.  A Sleeping Person Cannot Consent In The UK, Period.  Nor in pretty much any other first-world nation.  Even without access to a case law database,  I also showed you a wide range of cases on the topic of consent, including a much more extreme one in Canada where the subject consented to be strangled during sex, passed out, came to, and explicitly re-consented to continuing the sex, but the couple minutes where she was out was declared to be rape.

      You're just ignoring that because you can't accept the fact.  Because to you, it's clearly a-okay to fuck a sleeping person.  And anyone who believes that, I hope they die of a horrible, painful chronic illness.

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