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View Diary: Romney campaign struggles to move past the Clint Eastwood debacle, while everyone else just laughs (288 comments)

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  •  That was Dick Cheney in the chair, wasn't it? (1+ / 0-)
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    desert rain

    President Obama is unfailingly polite, even when he's being obviously piqued.  Does he ever say "shut up" or "go f* yourself" at anyone?  I can't recall it; that's terribly out of character.

    But there was one recent politician for whom that would be an obvious callout, and I mean Dick Cheney.  He dropped the f-bomb in the Capitol and had no social grace to speak of.  So was Eastwood saying that Obama was Cheney?  I don't think so.  He was however attacking Cheney.  He attacked the war in Afghanistan, a Cheney project.  He complained about gaz-guzzling planes.  Even the bit about closing Gitmo had a side remark about how expensive it was which could be read either way.

    So I'd guess that Eastwood was punking the Republicans.  He pretended to support them but intentionally made a fool of them by clowning in prime time.  He was as good a conservative as Stephen Colbert, and I hope he goes on the Colbert Report after the conventions to 'fess up.  We know Eastwood supported the auto bailout, a prime Romney target, and opposes many other Republican positions, so they should have known better than to use him.

    But they're stupid.  Fundamentalists in particular do not understand irony at all. That and metaphor go over their literal-minded heads.  Some still think Colbert is a conservative when they go on the show.  So Eastwood's performance art played them for the fool.

    •  In trying to make sense of it, I keep coming (0+ / 0-)

      through this line of thinking, too.  But I'm not sure.  It was rather contradictory and confusing.  I can't get it to fit neatly into any of the explanations, I've come up with so far.  But I think you're onto something interesting here.

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