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View Diary: Pretend President Romney heads to Louisiana to tour Isaac damage (120 comments)

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  •  think about this please (2+ / 0-)
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    louisiana is in a flood situation. it's nigh on impossible to get around. when the president travels he brings his own people, vehicles, and supplies. and they all need to stay somewhere. what isn't flooded out? or, where is a1 supposed to land? so it lands away from the flooded areas and they all drive in. this does't just inconvenience the flood area people, but also the people on the way to the flood area. then when he's in the flood area because he's there he is taking the responders away from what they're there for.

    the problem with people yowling about the president not being there right now is they don't think the logistics thru; mine are pretty simplistic, but close to the truth. so obama not being there while rmoney is isn't going to work vote-wise.

    •  exactly - a number of neighborhoods are still (0+ / 0-)

      under night-time curfews.

      I've been monitoring some of the local news coverage there, and there has been some complaining about the Mitt visit, that it takes up time, attention, and resources from thosw who would be better spent helping the THOUSANDS of people who still need immediate assistance.

      Romney going down there for a personal TUTORIAL, (at his convenience) will be just another data point of how self-centered he is.

      It's clear to me that Romney wants to somehow be able to claim that he responded to Gov Jindal's invitation "right away."

      I've also noticed some comments and complaints about corruption down there, such as in the parish that is all the way at the southern tip.  Some reported that there were millions of dollars allocated for raising the "back levees" that were spent on other projects.  Sounds like chronyism in play in awarding bids for local projects.

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