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View Diary: Mitt Romney runs for president of Imaginary America (157 comments)

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  •  I think if Dems take the White House, hold the (0+ / 0-)

    Senate and pick up the House, some things will get done.

    We need to pick up seats all down the ticket too - and there will be some push back as the merely rich (as opposed to the super rich) see that the bickering billionaires have made a mockery of their party.

    And the religious right is making a mockery of the Tea Party.  The GOP is a party that will not survive another round of in-fighting if they lose and each faction is blaming the others.

    Ron Paul delusional disciples blame the GOP establishment for breaking the rules, and the stacking the rules against all grass roots efforts.  That group is already dividing into those who want to vote libertarian, and those that want to vote GOP, and those that want to punish the GOP by sitting out.

    Tea Party think the GOP establishment are much too liberal and compromise too much.  They think they are winning with their purity purge.

    The religious right thinks they have God's very breath as the wind in their sails, and think they are just beginning a long spiritual war (with their 2000 bills all across the nation chipping away at abortion).

    The GOP establishment knows that each of these factions  hold grandiose delusions about how right they are and what they would do if Romney wins, but the GOP leadership knows that these delusional zealots won't be able to govern, but governing is all about finding common ground, and NONE of the factions knows how to do that.

    Ann Coulter said it best when she remarked that the GOP has a problem because they tolerate con artists and charlatans.

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