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View Diary: Attacking an Imaginary Obama: How Eastwood's Speech Symbolizes the Entire Republican Campaign (62 comments)

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    Interesting to hear that not everybody thought Eastwood's speech was ineffective. Maybe it did resonate with some people who dislike all politicians, because of the way he was dissing Obama. Maybe the same people would have also liked it if he was dissing any politician.

    Nevertheless, the empty chair motif does seem like more than just a coincidence. It was perfectly symbolic because it was a Republican doing it to Obama specifically, based on the fact that the Republicans have always been running against an imaginary version of Obama.

    Eric Stetson, Founder and CEO of 60Best News & Blogs, an online media aggregator showing the most popular sources and trending articles in 250+ categories.

    by Eric Stetson on Fri Aug 31, 2012 at 11:45:12 AM PDT

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