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View Diary: James Lipton: "The words were vulgar and worse, they were disrespectful." Updated w/MADDOW's take! (260 comments)

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  •  It all makes sense, sort of... (6+ / 0-)
    ...President Obama would never respond to anyone that way.
    Here's the thing.... Our Republican friends have spent the last four years railing against a version of President Obama that does not actually exist. (See "nazimuslimcommunist, Kenyan.")  So what Clint did was just the logical conclusion of that.  Or as logical as the GOP is going to get these days, anyway.

    When you punch enough holes through steerage, the first-class cabins sink with the rest of the ship.

    by Roddy McCorley on Fri Aug 31, 2012 at 07:10:03 PM PDT

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