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View Diary: Chicago Teachers Set to Strike on the 10th (19 comments)

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  •  Silly (2+ / 0-)
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    blueoasis, anastasia p

    To divorce the the working environment of the teachers from the learning environment of the teachers is silly, illogical, and also literally impossible. Good try though.

    Take a look at the unions proposal for reform that I have linked. Support the people who are the experts.

    •  meant learning environment of the students, whoops (1+ / 0-)
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    •  those (0+ / 0-)

      proposals are a bunch of puffery and crap

      •  here is an example re class size (0+ / 0-)

        used to work at the very Obama-friendly Center for American Progress and the education team over there agrees with Romney and Duncan about this. It's not that "class size doesn't matter" exactly. It's that at most plausible margins, it makes more sense to invest money in hiring and retaining the most effective teachers rather than in simply adding more teachers. The fact that Obama agrees with Romney about this is presumably why Obama's education policies have focused on investing money in teacher quality rather than in maximizing the number of teachers.
        I stand with Obama, not the reactionary teachers union.
        •  yeah, cause treating teachers like shit is.... (2+ / 0-)
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          greenbell, progressivevoice

          Is it that hard to comprehend that treating teachers like cattle is maybe not the best way to attract the best teachers? On the one hand you say how we treat teachers has nothing to do with education, then turn around and want to attract the best and the brightest? I suppose you are one of those "poverty doesn't matter" folks as well. It's all about shitty teachers everywhere. All urban teachers are shit, while surprisingly all suburban teachers are magical.  

          •  strawman alert!!! (0+ / 0-)
            On the one hand you say how we treat teachers has nothing to do with education,
            never said it, that;s a good sign someone is losing an argument when they make shit up, are you sure your name isn't paul from Wisconsin


            teachers like everyone in every industry should be judged on their performance , i.e. merit pay,
            I stand with Obama and put students first, what about you

      •  STAR report, most comprehensive on class size (1+ / 0-)
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        The place where class size matters MOST are with underprivileged kids. The place where class size is the WORST is with underprivileged kids. Yeah, you care about educated the most vulnerable.

        "In summary, STAR researchers have found positive effects of early and very large class-size reductions on academic achievement in school and college attendance, with the economic benefits of the program outweighing the costs.  These are important results from a very strong research design."

        •  nice try (1+ / 0-)
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          Parents, teachers, and policymakers have all embraced CSR as a strategy to improve the quality of public education. There is surprisingly little high-quality research, however, on the effects of class size on student achievement in the United States. The credible evidence that does exist is not consistent, and there are many low-quality studies with results all over the map. The most encouraging results for CSR come from a single experiment conducted in the 1980s, which found that a large reduction in class size in the early grades increased test scores, particularly among low-income and African-American students. But evaluations of large-scale CSR policies in California and Florida have yielded much less positive results, perhaps because of the need to hire so many (inexperienced and potentially less effective) new teachers.

          I think the secretary of education knows more about education than you, sonny boy.

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