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View Diary: Mitt Romney to Homeless Issac Flood Victim: "GO HOME AND CALL 211!" (233 comments)

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  •  Umm...some further facts about that rescue flight (14+ / 0-)

    Remember, the BushCo FEMA department was refusing to let Al Gore's rescue flights (the privately chartered jets) to land at the airport in NOLA, where there were so many on stretchers on the floor awaiting something, nobody knew what.   Many were dying as we watched 'em on TV (in horror).

    The Bush admin didn't want a Democrat to be seen as providing aid and care that they themselves were expressing denying to the Katrina victims, at that time.  So, even though the plane had, in fact, landed, they were not allowed to come into the terminal (no pun intended) to get patients to load onto the planes.

    Al Gore did an end-run around 'em, and called Sec. of Transportation, Norman Mineta, who was the only Democrat in the Bush admin, and got Norm to issue the clearance for the flights to land.   The FEMA staff were shocked, shocked I tell ya, when Al's very competent staff of doctors and medical-transport EMT's brushed passed 'em into the terminal and just started taking patients out.  There was nothing FEMA could do about repeated landings and take-offs of these rescue flights.

    But did former VP-Gore brag about any of this magnanimous, compassionate action in this dire emergency?  No, he did not.  Consequently, few people know about this side of the story.

    Mitt Romney, get a clue.  Just sayin'...

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