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View Diary: Collapse of Siberia's Coastline is Releasing Huge Amounts of CO2 (137 comments)

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  •  In a speech full of stupidity and hate that moment (3+ / 0-)

    was one of the worst, but a perfect insight into the Republican mindset.  Not only does it show how far to the right the party that once voted for the EPA and Clean Water act has fallen, it shows how disconnected from reality they are.  What happens to the environment has huge implications for families, from food shortages to destructive weather.

    •  Chris Hayes on MSNBC's RNC coverage (6+ / 0-)

      that night, pointed out that in the future, when the NY subways are underwater (and he pointed that they are now being reinforced against that eventuality), that moment on the video of the RNC, when Romney said that about Obama and climate change, and the whole arena laughed heartily, will be viewed by future generations as "What the hell were they thinking?!"    I got a chill down my spine when he said that.   yikes.  Too prescient, I fear...

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