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View Diary: Paul Ryan, Al Bundy, and why sports don't build character, they reveal it. (229 comments)

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  •  He counted on ignorance (4+ / 0-)

    A tiny percentage of Americans run Marathons, but lots of Americans know somebody who has and can explain what those times represent. A four hour time for a 20 year old male is nothing special. To put his misstatements into context, consider the Boston Marathon, which is so popular it requires that  entrants have had to run another Marathon in the prior year at a specific minimum pace based upon gender and age in order to gain entrance.  A three hour time gets you into the Boston Marathon just barely - 3 hours, 5 minutes is the cut off for 18-34 year old males. A four hour time gets you in if you are a female under 51 or a male under 65.

    Having run several half marathon, I understand what it takes to train for distance running and respect anybody who challenges themselves. Most of us will never receive a medal but we can beat our own personal best and there is never any cause to misrepresent our accomplishments. I have no respect for somebody who does.

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