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  •  The meme (0+ / 0-)

    The meme I hear reported ad infinitum by the MSM (including CNN and Time and ABC and NBC) is that Assange is accused of raping two "wikileaks volunteers" or two "girls" or two "interns".

    This inflammatory language originates in the original tabloid press story (Expressen, 2010) that broke the story, and that story could ONLY have been put in the press by Anna Ardin and her friends Irmeli Krans and Maria Kjellstrand.

    If you don't know that that story was published two hours after Kjellstrand initiated an arrest warrant, before the police report was even finished, then ya don't know nothin.

    If you don't know that Kjellstrand and Krans are friends of Anna Ardin, and that Ardin set up the visit to the police station in advance, then ya don't know nothin.

    If you don't know that the sexual allegation hoax can be boiled down to actions by Ardin arranged in advance, then ya don't know nothin.

    Google Rixstep Anna Ardin
    Google justice4assange

    That will get you started.  Read the police reports and the testimony of the witnesses. Read everything you can find and translate the Swedish.

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