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  •  I don't think we're endorsing 'losing gracefully' (1+ / 0-)
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    The Rs appeal to the fears and prejudices of the 'low information' voter.  Appealing to that lizard brain sets up a competition to see who can stir up the most anger and animosity.  The facts have to be stressed at every opportunity but pointing to the 'other' as the cause of his despair is effective because it doesn't ask anything from the depairing one.  It's the old don't get into a mud wrestle with a pig cause you'll just get dirty and the pig enjoys it.  It's not a call to give up or hold back but throwing the same shit back isn't going to work.

    •  We need to fight for those same lizard brains. (1+ / 0-)
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      out of left field

      Let's be clear on one thing.  They also make rational arguments about why they think their positions are better than ours.  So they operate on a two-tiered basis.  It's not their whole game.

      We complain too much about the fairness of the process.  For example, above, you talk about their appeal to the lizard brain.  Well...  try to think about this for a moment...  Don't we do that too?  I guess I'm committing the grave sin of equivalence by saying that, but I think it's true.  WE JUST DON'T DO IT AS WELL.  Worse than that, our pleasure in condemning them for being unfair weakens our willingness and ability to appeal to the lizard brain.

      Now, how do we appeal to the lizard brain, the sense of other?  There are more others than just race and national origin, you know.  There are class differences as well.  We're the 99%, and I'm proud to say that I'm part of that.  I don't have a car elevator.  It's hard for me to even imagine what it's like to have a car elevator.  There are crazy old rich men controlling our election processes through super-pacs that don't operate in plain view.  Whose better welfare are the Koch Brothers concerned with.  Yours or mine?  

      There is your other.  We should be pounding the shit out of that.  We already are, but to a lesser degree.  And we can do it without having to use dogwhistles.  

      I said before in a diary that made the rec list that there is no realistic way of overturning Citizens United.  The practical reasons are even more difficult to overcome than the political reasons.  If you accept that sad thought (it's debatable) then you're left with the question, then what the fuck can we do to keep this country from turning into KochAdel-stan?  

      I think the answer is, we better learn to fight dirty.  That answer probably bothers some people who cherish being better than Republicans and operate by the principle that "We can't lower ourselves to their level."  I think that's a recipe for losing gracefully.  We may have absolutely no choice in this in coming years.  

      Are you sure Obama's going to win?  I sort of am.  But I haven't ruled out the possibility that the money will somehow win.  The America we will wake up to the day after that will be a very different one, even before Obama would (under that scenario) leave office.  Our ideas of what constitutes good civics, fair play, playing to the lizard brain, targeting "the other" would of necessity take a drastic revision.

      I don't want to be better than Republicans.  Not just because it means taking pride in losing sometimes, but because it just offends me.  It's hubris of a different type.

      •  Losing gracefully has its places. (0+ / 0-)

        But politics is NOT one of those places.
        Wish I could bring your recs up to the level of many "oh those mean repugs!" posts.

        -- We are just regular people informed on issues

        by mike101 on Mon Sep 03, 2012 at 06:25:54 PM PDT

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