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  •  Precisely why the legal profession is loathed. (2+ / 0-)
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    Chi, mkor7

    My father is a retired attorney. Worked for private law firms for a while, then for county government, eventually retiring as assistant county attorney. When I was a kid, he tried to persuade me that the Law-with-a-capital-L was the ultimate expression of the arts and humanities as a profession, as (in his view) my chosen field of medicine was the ultimate expression of science as a profession.

    I had to disagree with his whole metaphor, since I know how much art and humanity is in medicine, and how much more purely scientific (say) physics or geology is compared to medicine. But an even bigger issue I had with this was the very nature of adversarial legal practice. It's not about justice. It's not about truth, or accuracy, or honesty. It's not even remotely the ultimate expression of anything to do with the humanities. It's all about who manages to game the system and work the ref more effectively, to get the desired end result. Which is why the side with the priciest lawyers generally prevails, truth be damned.
    (See: Simpson, O.J.)

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