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  •  I had this exact conversation (1+ / 0-)
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    with a conservative friend of mine a few weeks ago.

    It went something like this, I'm paraphrasing my responses as best I can remember them, but I basically lost my cool a little and went off a bit.

    He was talking about being persecuted and I looked at him incredulously and said something like:

    "I don't see headless Christians hanging by their torsos from any power lines in this country. You may be ridiculed and humiliated, but that's because you believe in Creationism and it is a ridiculous position to take, so you are rightly made fun of as far as I'm concerned. Now if you aren't big enough to handle "sticks and stones may break my bones, then I can't really help you sort this one out."

    Then he tried to talk about how America was becoming a socialist country, and I replied:

    "No, it isn't. not at all, and you are delusional if you believe it. Do you consider France and England to be socialist countries? Well they aren't, and if we implemented those social safety nets here people like you would be out in the streets with your assault rifles, but EVEN THEN it still wouldn't be socialist. We gave a huge handout to the pharmaceutical companies, and then another to the insurance companies, went with the Romney/McCain healthcare plan, and you're calling it socialist? Don't even try to use that line of thinking, because it is broken and untrue."

    I didn't change his mind one teensy bit, but I felt better having at least said my piece.

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