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View Diary: Ignorance Meant Death for Leslie Elder. Don't Let The Same Thing Happen to Someone You Know. (15 comments)

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    My husband had Type I diabetes for 25 years. Although for the first twenty years or so he was covered under my employers package, a few years ago that no longer became possible. We signed up for Iowa's SHIP plan. All things considered, it's a good plan. It covers people who can't get covered elsewhere (or where other coverage would cost more).

    Problem is the insurance cost $650 a month. Admittedly a pretty good rate for someone with a serious preexisting conditions but still $7000 a year plus some serious co-pays.

    If we had both needed it it would have been $1300 a month or $15,600 a year just for premiums.

    Fortunately we were just able to squeak by paying his premiums. SO many people would not be. My husband and I both worked hard all our lives and should be able to afford health care without bankrupting ourselves. Instead we spent close to 25 years fearing we would get caught in that preexisting condition vice (which means we don' t have to ensure you if you actually plan on using the insurance).

    My husband passed away two years ago but those 25 years of fear and anger will never leave.

    Obama's Affordable Health Care Act will end that nightmare for millions.

    "Fear is the mind killer." Frank Herbert

    by GiveMeFreedom on Fri Sep 07, 2012 at 12:43:44 AM PDT

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