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View Diary: What stupid insurance company is going to sell health insurance to 65-year olds? (189 comments)

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  •  65?? Try 85 and riddled with liver cancer... (5+ / 0-)
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    I mean, try 100 years old and needing daily kidney dialysis.  
    There is zero profit in insuring the aged.  It's a losing venture. You are going to pay out a lot more than you take in.  

    The GOP wants to give sick poor seniors a coupon to buy health insurance???

    Golly gee, I am sure it's going to be a real wing ding of a health insurance policy.

    Oh and the GOP wants to further deregulate health insurance corporations but we should just trust that private for profit health insurance will "do the right thing" and make sure sick seniors can buy health insurance the equivalent of Medicare.


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