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  •  Thanks for your part in supporting America's (8+ / 0-)

    physicians :) I am in the business of making new ones, too, but for me that is in the sense of educating them. One part of my faculty duties as a biology professor puts me in front of a lot of pre-meds. I do see a lot of students really interested in direct patient care, especially primary care. A lot of students go out of their way to study Spanish, too (this is CA we're talking about...) hoping to serve an as yet underserved part of the population.

    For the most part, I really like the crop of young people I'm seeing (and some up into their thirties, and even forties on occasion) and their motivation and intelligence. I am especially excited about the number of first-generation college students who are heading into medicine. I heard from one yesterday - a former student of mine just starting at Harvard med. Whoooo-eee! In my mind, knowing this student, she is really a model for what I think the future of medicine should be, and fortunately, she is not that much of a rarity.

    "Maybe this is how empires die - their citizens just don't deserve to be world leaders anymore." -Kossack Puddytat, In a Comment 18 Sept 2011

    by pixxer on Mon Sep 03, 2012 at 08:26:21 AM PDT

    •  Thank you for your dedication (4+ / 0-)

      to educating them!  I sincerely hope that these bright, enthusiastic students stay that way.  There is often a change somewhere between 3rd year med school and 1st yr residency in the outlook and psyche of young doctors.  In many, a perceptible 'wall' of protection goes up, in my opinion, protection against the constant scrutiny, and demeaning attitudes of the older, set-in-their-ways faculty. (i.e., "I had to put in the hours and time, you should too").

      •  {Sigh} I can believe that. My sister, who was a (4+ / 0-)
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        VeloVixen, SoCalSal, Mr Robert, TexDem

        physician, once joked, on another "burnout" issue, "I had to take Saturday classes in med school so this appendectomy is going to cost you big time," and I'm sure some resentment comes through from negative situations in medical schools and residencies. OTOH the way the med schools present themselves to our students, and the strong encouragement many of the seem to place on collaborative attitudes and practices, give me hope that a lot of places really are working at keeping that young physician's dream alive. I've heard it's the 8 minutes-per-patient that ends up getting them frustrated in the end.

        When I write letters of reference for my students (about two dozen this year!) I require that they drop me a note from time to time as payback, so perhaps I will over time have something of a reading on this.

        "Maybe this is how empires die - their citizens just don't deserve to be world leaders anymore." -Kossack Puddytat, In a Comment 18 Sept 2011

        by pixxer on Mon Sep 03, 2012 at 08:53:12 AM PDT

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        •  Many medical schools now have courses specifically (3+ / 0-)
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          pixxer, Mr Robert, TexDem

          aimed at the 'practice of medicine'.  My son took that course in his 4th year at University of Virginia, while there is no such program at Emory.  I do believe that at UVA they are trying to keep that dream alive.

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