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View Diary: Dear Bigot, I get it. You hate me. Now get on with your life. (224 comments)

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  •  If you weren't there, he'd still be miserable. (10+ / 0-)

    People refer to bigots as "full of hate", and nothing could be more true.  But this hate has a life of its own.  Bigots are people filled with anger, bitterness, resentment, and hate.  It rules their lives.  It defines their lives.  Gays in this case are just a convenient target for this man's hate.  He hates his life, he hates the world, so it must be the fault of "the other".  If only "the other" would go away, the world would be filled with people just like him, and he'd get the respect he deserves.  And of course, nothing is more "other" to a bigot than homosexuals.

    If gays weren't there to hate, he'd hate the nearest racial minority.  If everyone around was white, he'd hate those with different religions, or points of view, or hell, haircuts.  He's gotta hate something.  Otherwise, he might look in the mirror and be forced to accept the real source of his problems.

    I mean, imagine the guy in your mind.  Do you think that he's all sunshine and flowers when gays aren't around?  Or does he seem the type who's only comfortable in the company of a small circle of friends, all as bitter and miserable as him, where they can knock back beers, complain about how unfair the world is and tell cruel jokes at the expense of those that aren't like them?

    You're right to feel sorry for this man.  What a life it must be, to be essentially incapable of feeling simple, honest happiness, trying to find solace by hating those do.


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