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    Years ago, there was a set of 12-step meetings I attended, and I heard from a friend that a number of guys thought I was a "genius lesbian". I am neither, btw.

    I don't wear make-up, I wore birkenstocks, and I often was in the company of a known feminist whose sexuality was a little ambiguous at the time.

    But I also learned later that a couple guys who knew I was straight had hit on me and felt that I was not interested. WHAT?! When? I had no idea! I'm not unfriendly, but I can be reserved, and I don't expect men to be interested, so I apparently don't pick up on subtle cues.

    But maybe there were other guys who picked up a "not interested" vibe and concluded "lesbian". There aren't many guys I meet that I'm truly interested in romantically, so perhaps there are more out there who assume I'm a lesbian.

    No wonder I can't get dates.   ;-)

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