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  •  She also showed up between those (1+ / 0-)
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    in Andre's store/drug drop (the store where Omar was framed).
    She was buying cigs, and Andre was telling her that her pimp was no good for her, and she was defending him.

    3 short appearance, and you get a whole story for a background character!

    Good eye catching those on the first watch! I also didn't catch the first time that the nurse was with Cutty in the gym in the S4 final montage.

    McNulty went to the property(?) room to get the "triggerfish" to pull cell phone calls out of the air, and Lehane was at the desk reading a dirty magazine.

    McNulty: McNulty. Major Crimes.
    Lehane:  Sullivan. Minot Irritations.

    Price was the facilitator in DeAngelo's book group.

    oh, we could go on for pages on the many cameos and details in the show. Brilliance.

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